Sharzan GmbH:
Sharzan is serving the ethnic market for international calls and messages through its calling app “Novacall” (available on Google Apps and Play store) and IT projects and business consultancy are the other major tasks done by the company which are alluded through its IT team work. This app enables Wi-Fi calling rather than using the traditional mobile network which makes it different from many of the previous calling tools as well. This benefits those in poor signal areas and can harness the power of available Wi-Fi networks to stay connected. Although, Skype, Viber and more recently WhatsApp allow the customers to make and receive calls and texts over a Wi-Fi network and these services don’t necessarily link directly with the phone number and provide more standalone communication platforms, but can still ruin message flows and confuse call logs, as you’ll need to check two apps for potential missed calls and new texts. Therefore, there is need to do more to address such issues. Further seamless connectivity on mobile and Wi-Fi is a key part of our future strategic direction to support embedded voice and text over Wi-Fi. These apps are changing the nature and future of telecommunication industry as more and more people are using such apps because of two factors of extended availability of internet to users and smart phones. Further, these smart phone owners get the opportunity to connect to the world through internet and social media which in turn open avenues for Mobile Commerce which is “a retail outlet in the customer’s pocket”. Today, with the development of relevant information infrastructure, apps and platforms, Mobile commerce is thriving with the worth of $230 billion, with Asia representing almost half of the market, and has been forecast to reach US$700 billion in 2017.
In the end, we are further working on providing internet to international travelers in collaboration with “Giga-bridge GmbH” which is based in Berlin and are making developments in regard to improving the status of keeping your calling activity separate from interfering with other mobile apps.
The whole business revolves around networking and relationships with different market players whether airline services, buss services, marketing companies, innovative ideas from app developers, ethno market and brand consultants which we have in the business coral comprising of companies working in the above-mentioned fields for many years. Coordinated efforts with the objective to support each other in complex areas certainly saves each other’s time and energy.

Develop new Technologies

If you are analytical and keen to develop new technologies in telephony, television and the internet, a career in telecommunications research would suit you
As a telecommunications researcher, you will develop knowledge and new technologies across the telecommunications sector. This covers a range of areas including satellite technology, broadband, smart phones and the peripherals relevant to these products.
Your role is about expanding the capabilities of existing and new telecommunications products in what is a fast-growing and advancing industry.
You may carry out research in many areas, including the use of wireless technologies, computer chips, semiconductors, satellite equipment, fibre optics and radio frequencies. You could be working in telephony, television and the internet.
Employers include commercial companies such as the main mobile network and smart phone providers, as well as academic employers. As a researcher, you will be expected to publish and communicate your findings so they can be used within the industry.